Sharpen is...

Sharpen is an Eclipse plugin for multi-platform development from one codebase.


Sharpen currently compiles Java to C#, with some special syntax that allows to

Deploying to multiple Java JDKs

Sharpen could be extended to allow developing on the Java platform with the most advanced API (JDK5 with generics) and to "backport" applications to other JDKs with less functionality like

For a list of the JDK functionality that db4o currently uses see JDK Dependancies.

A blunt approach for an implementation would be to

It could also be a viable approach to modify methods that do not compile to do their calls by reflection. This way there would be no hard links to functionality that does not exist.

It is desirable that Sharpen creates a Java source code version of the backport, to allow debugging on the respective platforms.