The Projects section is a Wiki, where any member of the db4o Community can contribute to projects on or around db4o.  These are the current sections:

Tools and Add-Ons Support Frameworks for Development / Database Exploration and Querying Tools / Development Support Tools / Add-ons and Plug-ins / Bridges to other Applications / Lightweight Wrappers / Language Bindings or Implementations 45
Open Source Products Open Source Products built with db4o. 30
Starter Kits and Samples Starter kits and sample applications. 15
Educational Projects Didactic projects around db4o. 14
Distributions Open Source distributions supporting db4o. 6
Incubator A pool of project ideas. 8
Product Design Product design sessions and specifications . -
Language Communities db4o Communities in languages other than English and regional User Groups.
Chinese / Hispanic / French

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More about the db4o Project in the db4o Project Guidelines