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Release 0.9 available for for download!
Last Post 02 May 2012 09:28 AM by cromberg. 0 Replies.
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Basic Member
Basic Member
Posts: 130

02 May 2012 09:28 AM

    Release 0.9 is available for download:

    Version Build 706

    The next release is scheduled for May 22./23.

    The following changes were done since build 617:

    Issue# Description
    898,909,910,1188,1191 parse metadata in proper order, consider all valid overrides, detect inconsistencies
    1031 JPQL: projecting the @Id field is supported
    1150,1167 defect: wrong field order with order by conditions
    1168 allow id field projection for generic API (artificial "selfoid" field)
    1172 defect: execute examples via ant within Eclipse with activated JPA nature
    1175 throw NotSupportedException for BigInteger and BigDecimal
    1177,1178 fix database mapping for collections of Strings or Dates, "nulls#" field removed
    1179 defect: throw proper exception for delete or update queries
    1183 defect: support package-visible entity classes
    1186,1287 verify passed type in "find()" and "createQuery()" overloads
    1265 defect: proper exception thrown for non-existing field names when using the generic API
    1266 defect: fix DatabaseObject.toString() (generic API)
    1275 Improved error message when using a JPQL positional parameter "0" (needs to be >=1)
    1288 improved error message if orm.xml could not be found
    1299 fix possible endless loop with automatic flush and entity lifecycle listeners
    1307,1318 defect: custom names for entities broken
    1308 defect: support uppercase spellings of the "true" and "false" literal in JPQL
    1309 defect: ant task deletes some files under certain conditions
    1311 proper exception for unsupported TYPE() expression in JPQL


    Sorry for the belated announcement!

    You are not authorized to post a reply.

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