The database engine that drives the fastest moving markets.

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"No one size fits all."

Application profiles and payloads vary. As your application and business evolve over several years, sometimes you may not even know what to expect. You must inherently select a database by trying to predict your future. Actian is the preferred solution when it comes to complex, persistent object models and large databases. Object-relational mapping code can be 40% or more of your application. With Actian, mapping code is no longer required.



  • Complex, high-performance data management
  • Native object persistence
  • Transparent object persistence for C++ & Java
  • Low to zero administration



  • Real-time analytical performance
  • Big Data management
  • Cut development time by up to 40%
  • Significantly lower total ownership cost
  • High availability

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The database engine designed to be simple and fast.

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More on the db4o Object Database

"The database behind the brains of your Java and .NET apps."

Get a head start for your products by leveraging db4o's cutting edge technology to achieve unprecedented levels of performance and flexibility. Simply embed db4o's open source object database engine into your application and store and retrieve even the most complex object structures with only one line of code eliminating the need to predefine or maintain a separate, rigid data model.


  • The One-Line-of-Code Database
  • Embeddable, Zero Admin, Low Footprint
  • Multiple platform support (Native to Java & .NET)
  • Brings more OO to the database (OO replication, native queries)


  • 40% faster to market with your application
  • Full ACID transactional capabilities
  • Reduces 90% of cost to develop persistence
  • Runs up to 55x faster than conventional systems

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Actian JPA - Java Persistence Done Right

Actian JPA

"Manage the unmanageable"

Actian JPA is a Java Persistence development platform for very large and complex data sets using Actian's high performance object database.
You know JPA. You know your RDBMS isn't cutting it. Use your existing coding skills with Actian JPA and Actian JPA Server to process previously unmanageable data sets without learning yet another proprietary persistence API.


Benefits with Actian JPA  
  • JSE & JEE persistent Java
  • True object database, no mapping to tables
  • Object Lifecycle mechanisms (persist, remove, refresh, detach, merge, and cascading)
  • Optimized transaction management
  • Runtime enhancement of entity classes
  • Superior performance for complex models
  • Automatic database schema capturing
  • Integrates with JBoss EAP
  • Third party cache support (e.g., Infinispan, Ehcache)
  • Automatic reconnect to complement cluster based failover
  • Generic API to build tools without the Java classes
  • Get up to speed quickly with tutorials and examples
  • Eclipse integration
  • Application evolution allows rolling upgrades

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