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SODA Query

The SODA query API is db4o's low level querying API, allowing direct access to nodes of query graphs. Since SODA uses strings to identify fields, it is neither perfectly typesafe nor compile-time checked and it also is quite verbose to write.

For most applications Native Queries will be the better querying interface. However there can be applications where dynamic generation of queries is required.

SODA is also an underlying db4o querying mechanism, all other query syntaxes are translated to SODA under the hood:

Understanding SODA will provide you with a better understanding of db4o and will help to write more performant queries and applications.

Take a look at the SODA-examples to get a feel for SODA-API. See "SODA Query Examples"

Also SODA has special capabilities for certain types like collections etc. See "SODA Special Cases Examples"

Additionally SODA evaluations can help you implementing queries which go beyond the capabilities of pure SODA queries. See "SODA Evaluations"

At last, you need a way to sort the results of a query. See "SODA Sorting"