The fastest, most carefully designed JPA platform is now generally available and is called Versant JPA!

You can now break free of relational database engines and proprietary NoSQL solutions when architecting Java applications while still leveraging your JPA skills (Versant JPA includes a fully compliant JPA 2.0 implementation).
For Java developers the V/JPA includes must-have JPA features such as:
  • JSE & JEE support (with JBOSS Application Server support)
  • Annotations & (persistence|orm).xml
  • Entity Manager API
  • JPQL
  • Entity LifeCycle Callbacks
On top of that we added a number of unprecedented features in the JPA area:
  • Eclipse Plugin
  • Index definition
  • Multiple database support
  • Cursor Query
  • Generic API
  • Application evolution (hot)
This is not just another JPA implementation. Versant JPA is powered by an ultra-fast NoSQL engine that scales and performs much better than relational databases.
But that’s not all. We believe that enterprises need to not just store and retrieve data efficiently but they also need to make sense of that data and use it to deliver key insights. Therefore, we are pleased to announce a Technical Preview of the Versant Analytics Platform:
The platform is built on top of our scalable Versant JPA implementation and comes with an Ingestion server, and an Analytics server. We also include a Hadoop integration as well as a R Integration. All of this works seamlessly with your data stored using JPA.
We’re constantly improving Versant JPA and planning to evolve the platform so it becomes your fully integrated Analytics platform of choice (with relevant 3rd party Analytics tools support).
Versant JPA 1.0 comes in two packages: the Server and the SDK (you need both) that are now available for download at
If you're seeking a fast, scalable, and sophisticated Big Data platform that presents extremely low adoption risks, search no more! Download Versant JPA and try it out now! We appreciate your feedback on the JPA Forum or via e-mail at