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Version Build 1133


The next release is scheduled for end of October.


Windows only:

You'll have to start the installer in elevated mode ("Run as Administrator"), otherwise you'll get an error message.


The following changes were done since build 1068:

Issue# Description
1786,1702 Some updates and improvements of existing examples
1701 bug: endless recursion during object load
1791 bug: Only List instances have been accepted as Collection valued input parameters of Queries
1238 prevent usage of reserved internal field names
911,1704,1706 EE environment: Specification compliant Entity Discovery w/ and w/o "exclude-unlisted-classes
1708,1709 Application Evolution: Full support for EE/XA
1669 (B)lob Annotation Support
1668 Query: Allow equality comparison against loid long/loid lists at selfoid level
1793 Query.setHints() no longer throws NotImplemented
1792 bug: JTA transactions: Entity state transitions were not always properly triggered at txn commit/rollback
1803 bug: wrong Serialization of TrackedUtilDate