Hi everybody.


Versant JPA Release 0.9 Build 795 is available for download here:




The next release is scheduled for May 22./23.


Since our last build we have fixed the following: 

Issue# Description
695 admin API: option to remove database w/o removing database directory
900 generic API supports multiple databases (provided the schemas are equal)
904 username and password support
1100 bug: take orm.xml at default location into account
1164 bug: IN-queries with boolean and date

1189, 1190, 1339,


enhancer improvement: smaller memory footprint of enhanced classes etc.
1277 findAll() method for VersantEntityManager
1295 admin API: allow create database on already existing database directories
1316 optimize set and map load behavior
1317 performance improvements if loading query results from distributed databases
1338 bug: Eclipse plugin: allow blanks in project names
1342 allow internal connection pool to shrink
1343 allow to override persistence.xml and orm.xml in properties override
1404 bug: some schema migration scenarios did not work
1437 bug: some overridden properties were ignored


Please go ahead and try it out. We have both versions for Linux and Windows plus documentation in PDF format.