As of today, db4objects releases its Eclipse based Java to C# source code conversion tool "sharpen" as free software.

sharpen is the "secret sauce" that enables us to provide the [db4o object database engine] in native versions for the Java and .NET platforms from a single code base.

Features include:
  • mapping between Java and .NET native type systems
  • compliance with C# coding conventions
  • user defined namespace/class/method mappings
  • method to property mappings
  • Generics support
  • partial conversions
  • mixing native and converted C# sources
  • VS solution file support
  • Ant integration
sharpen is used extensively in the db4o build system, generating most of the db4o engine core code and the unit test suites from the Java sources.

Before you start dreaming: sharpen is not a "magic wand". Don't expect to feed it an arbitrary Java app and receive a running .NET version at the push of a button. The translation process will require some design compromises on the Java side, and parts of the .NET code still have to be hand crafted and integrated into the converted sources. Still, we believe sharpen provides an amazingly smooth way to bridge the gap between Java and .NET and create real cross platform applications.

We are looking forward to see which sharpen propelled applications will cross the language chasm, and we're hoping on your feedback and your contributions that will help to cover automatic conversion of even more Java constructs and idioms, moving Java/.NET cross platform integration to a new level.

sharpen is released under the GPL. The svn repository, documentation and issue tracker are online. All that's missing now is you bringing your Java app to the .NET platform. To get you started, here is the full anatomy of a simplistic application developed with sharpen. Have fun!