We're glad to announce the first round of db4objects Valued Professionals (dVP) for 2010. dVPs are recognized individuals with expertise in db4o who actively participate in our community to share their knowledge and expertise with other db4o users. This award is a way for us to say thanks to valuable community members who unconditionally lend a hand to peers and share valuable resources.

For this first round (dVPs are selected in two different rounds per year) we have selected the top 60 dVPs and decided to make a special mention to the top 5 supporters of the db4o community for 2010. Many have contributed in the db4o community and we're not listing all of them, we had to draw a line and select the top 60 (thank you guys!)

We're giving away gifts to all of them (with special gadgets to the top 5 db4o supporters). So, here's the list (including a mention/link to specific contributions):

  • Erik Putrycz (proxy based activation)
  • Luca Garulli (TevereFlow)
  • Adam Blum (Rhodes framework)
  • Oliver Lietz (Spring db4o extension)
  • Matthew Toseland (Freenet)
  • John Rebbeck (SotwareMonkeys projects)
  • Jin Mingjian (domr: standalone OM via Eclipse RCP)
  • Keith Patton (KandaAlpha)
  • Thluks Sonnenkind (ScyDev db4o viewer)
  • Christoph Zimmerli (BPlusTree)
  • Rodolfo Grave (db4o Management Studio)
  • Dhanji Prasanna (Google Sitebricks)
  • Gisbert Avellan (OM community version update)
  • GroMKnight (XTEA dll update)
  • Kristof Jozsa (Google Sitebricks demo)
  • Torbjorn Maro (.NET Ninja quiz app)
  • Maik Jablonski (Jease CMS)
  • Neil Martin (Blush)
  • Dusty Jewett (Android DataService)
  • Sjef van Leeuwen (ActiveWorlds)
  • Peter Karich (CRUD app with Wicket + Guice + db4o)
  • Elliott O'Hara (avoid singleton pattern in db4o with StructureMap)
  • Andres Almiray (db4o pluggin for Griffon)
  • Mihnea Radulescu (BookStore)
  • James Hicks (C# projects)
  • Marcin Stachniuk (DataWander)
  • lordfelipe (Vulpe)
  • imavroukakis (JVerify)
  • Vijay Kumar (Rollback)
  • Cesar Valiente (QuiteSleep Android app)
  • Roman Stoffel (peer support/feedback)
  • cbeams (Maven repo)
  • Marek Istvanek (peer support/feedback)
  • graphi (peer support/feedback)
  • rblaa (peer support/feedback)
  • Stefan Edlich (mdRS)
  • Roman Borschel (mdRS)
  • Brad Cross (link)
  • Jozsef Gabor (link)
  • Matthew Todd (link)
  • Tuna Toksoz (link)
  • Benjamin Pasero (link)
  • Morgan Conrad (link)
  • Mathew D. Groves (link)
  • Andrew Rea (link)
  • John Ying (link)
  • Damasia Maneiro (link)
  • jleotta (peer support/feedback)
  • Tetsuo Torigai (peer support/feedback)
  • hangle (peer support/feedback)
  • Andrei.hu (peer support/feedback)
  • mtz1406 (peer support/feedback)
  • rst (peer support/feedback)
  • Gil.Y (peer support/feedback)
  • tapgyn (peer support/feedback)
  • alosii (peer support/feedback)
  • Ansury (peer support/feedback)
  • reddog418 (peer support/feedback)

Top 5 db4o supporters:

  • Christoph Menge (Standalone Windows server for db4o)
  • Christopher Brind (MoneyTracker Android app, Taban)
  • Goran Siska (peer support/feedback)
  • db4o.supporter (peer support/feedback)
  • cl-r (peer support/feedback)

For a complete list of dVPs (including the ones selected during 2009) see this page. Please note that many dVPs contributed in more than one area like eg. peer support and demos and that might not be reflected in the listed contribution.

We can't thank you enough and we really appreciate your participation in the rapidly growing db4o community.

Thanks!!! (and don't forget to let your friends know about db4o =)
German Viscuso
db4o community manager